Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a difference 12 months makes..

The kids got their school photos back today. It was fun to compare their photos from last year and see how much they had changed.

JJ has grown more handsome. I cut his hair last year before his photo. Looks like I wont be doing that again!

Last year was the first time Benny ever asked to have his curls cut off so he could look like his brother. Its so strange now to see him without them.

Lani has made the biggest transformation. She cried last year for her Kinder photos. She is still quite shy at school but as you can see, so much happier.

We can see a big difference in all three of them. We are so happy to see the positive change. To us, they seem much more confident and settled this year.

They're not my little babies anymore :(


The Kings said...

oh it's so cool to see the changes! After a year or two of blogging you will love looking back at the changes and things you have done too.

Maria said...

Bubs they look gorgeous

Maria said...

okay i just realised i was logged into mums account but it IS ME! love the photos, poor lani she looks so cute.