Sunday, May 8, 2011

A special visitor

My dear old friend is coming to visit tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

I am just a teeny bit excited!!!!!!!!!

I have been counting down to tomorrow for what feels like forever!!!!

I met Kristy 6 years ago and we clicked pretty much straight away. We did everything together while we both lived in Melbourne. Then she broke my heart and moved to Singapore :) I moved here to Tassie 18 months later, so she didn't feel so bad about leaving then.

This is us nearly three years ago. (Its a photo of a photo up on my fridege) We are at the top of freezing Mt Wellington in the middle of August. We came over to Hobart for our 30th birthday. We are 9 days apart....I'm younger :) Its funny since I had no idea back then that we'd be living over here is beautiful Tassie.

We were both around 7 months pregnant with our forth babies when that picture was taken. It was so much fun being pregnant and having babies at the same time. Here's Kristy with our babies (Micah and Sisi) days after they were born. (Mine is the brown one)

And for interest sake, here's what I looked like that day.

Ohhhhh, she's so tiny!! -And so am I! Babies suck the life out of me! (maybe I should have another one :) haha, no way!)

Anyway, I could reminise all night....I took a couple of videos of the kids for Kristy to see. They are a little excited too. Lani and Benny drew some cute pictures for her as well. I was going to take her out somewhere tomorrow afternoon after I picked her up from the airport, but my kiddies all want her to pick them up from school tomorrow :) So looks like we'll be hanging around Perth afterall. That slide at the Terrys is starting to look pretty good....

I just realised while reading back over this, that we've only been friends for 6 years - why does it feel like 20 years??! We must have squished a couple of decades worth of time into 6. Geeze we're clever :)

So here's the videos - JJ is being very cheeky in this one. He'll have to watch himself when Kristy gets to him tomorrow!

This is Bennys dance he wanted to do for her. I love it how he gave himself a little injury. lol

Can't wait to see my bestie xx


The Tais said...

That's awesome, sis!!

Have fun while she's visiting..

Next trip for you is to Singapore.. lol.. (hint, hint Job)...

The Kings said...

oh that's so exciting that she's coming to see you!! I bet you will have the best time together. Looking forward to the blog posts of your adventures together :)
That photo of you and Sisi is incredible! You look WAY too skinny though :)

Maria said...

Say Hi to Kristy for me

Nettie's Blog said...

i would never have guessed thaqt was YOU in that pic with sisi!!!!! What a fabulous thing to look forward to...lasting clicks in friendships are just the best...have fun girls!!!

Sim-Dim said...

SOme friends are like that - you feel like you have known each other forever!!!