Monday, May 16, 2011

Silly Sisi!

So after spending nearly all day yesterday cleaning (see last blog) it was nice to have a low key day at home with my little 2 year old. We took the dog for a walk on the way home from school with the Rogers (Kym came past and noticed Bennys handpainted stick. She pointed out that I was a mean mummy for taking it off him.......I think she's right, so I'm giving it back after school) Its good to  have a sister who can tell me off when I need it :)
Sisi watched some of Toy Story while I quickly cleared the breakfast mess and put some washing away. Then we got the paints out and made a mess. In our house painting is traditionally followed by a bubble bath - that's how filthy my kids get. Once Sisi was done with her paints she headed to the bathroom. I had to get the camera out while she was in there because she kept making me laugh...

                                                                     Such a dag!

After she was dressed and her cute little afro was brushed and oiled, we had lunch. She started doing a silly little out came the camera again..

After that came bedtime - Yipee! I heard her sneaking out of her bed but pretended not to notice, hoping that she would give up on getting my attention and go back to bed. Eventually I heard her snoring softly so I went to check on her and here's what I found..

Silly Sisi. I love it how babies and toddlers stick their bums up while they're sleeping. Thank goodness adults don't, if I found Job sleeping like that I'd be quickly pointing his bum in the other direction!