Monday, May 16, 2011

A day in the life of me.

When my friend Kristy came to visit last week (the next blog), she asked me what I do everyday. I responded "Ummmmm, not sure...I know I do something...."  Well today I remembered that short conversation while I was hanging out the washing and I decided to keep a mental inventory of what I have been doing all day long. So here it is, a day in the life of yours truly.  (I must warn you, its pretty darn exciting..)

Alarm went off at 5.40am to wake me for morning workout with Kym and Mariah, I fell back asleep and jumped out of bed with a fright when hubby told me it was now 5.50am  (it only takes an extra blink to miss an entire workout)

Returned back home at 7.30am from a fun morning of upperbody workout including running, tennis, weights and handstands.

Straight into cleaning for nearly 4 hours. House is always a big mess on Mondays due to being neglected over the weekend.


Washed the mountain of dishes,

Washed and hung out three loads of washing

Fed and Cleaned out the Bunnies

Brought in two baskets full of firewood

Mowed half of the front lawn (ran out of petrol and payday is two days away..)

Scrubbed all the cheese off the kitchen floor that lani and Sisi had dropped there the day before.

Vacuumed the loungeroom...twice

Cleaned our room and Lanis room

Wiped down the bathroom

Swept the floor....three times

Made ther kids breakfast, lunch and snacks (Kymbo made dinner)

Folded and put away a basketful of washing

Took the kids and out for a walk and picnic at the park.

Spelling quiz/homework with JJ and Charlotte.

I think I used up about 30 mins of the entire day collectively, telling Benny off.

Attempted to have a tinkle on the piano but was soon drowned out by JJ and Sisi.

Babysat the Rogers kiddies for 3 hours  

Did the dishes again

swept the floor again

watched a movie (Tangled) with the kids

put the kiddies to bed

corrected Jobs lesson plan for school. (might get in trouble for this one)

...which brings me to now. I am about to jump into the shower (as I haven't had a chance all day) then I might get back to the piano if I have time. Otherwise I'll be trying to tackle my mountain of clean washing that needs to be folded then a bit of scripture study in bed. Hopefully followed by some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

I have to add a couple of small footnotes. The housework was done by Sisi and myself. She potters around after me wherever I go and when we move from A to B she holds onto the back of me and we get there Congo style (with a bit of a dance) Everything takes a lot longer of course, but at least we're spending time together.

After my morning blitz on the house I fed the kids a snack. The boys left their plates and mess on the table and threw their cheese wrappers on the floor (not the best time to do so) I gave them a lecture on ingratitude...something like " don't appreciate that I have been cleaning all morning....bla bla bla.." followed closely by  "I'll show you how you can learn appreciation!" then I gave them all the other jobs I could think of. JJ cleaned and organised the spare room. Brought in and hung out a load of washing (with help from Charlotte) helped me collect kindling for the fire and packed away toys. I had lots on store for Benny but after doing his first job (picking up dog poo) he snuck inside, got out the paints and was half way through painting a big stick he had brough home for the park. Supposedly it was his didgeridoo. He ended up with a long time out!! Two hours in total - seems harsh but he slept through it so it wasn't that bad. I've been thinking a lot today about other parenting strategies to use with my Benny.

I don't always do this much cleaning - its only because its a Monday and I only babysit sometimes for the Rogers. I don't always know exactly what I do but the days are always action packed!  I am lucky enough to always be able to fit in lots of hugs and kisses whenever they're needed. Sisi and Lani got the most today. Will have pin the boys down for some more tomorrow. :)


The Kings said...

Ah the life of a stay at home Mum hey! Hardest but best job in the world :) My Monday's are like that too - big housework day. The rest of the week isn't so bad. I could NEVER get up that early to work out - you are amazing to keep it up for so long!

Family Taiz said...

Wowsers! That's alot! I'm gonna do me one for my next blog... Well, I'll wait till I have an action packed day, otherwise readers might think I do nothing all day... Which is only, partially true! lol.

Good job with the housework!