Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boys and Girls

During the school holidays Kym and I thought it would be fun to have a boy/girl day. We swaped half of our kids with eachother. I took the four girls and she took the four boys. The idea was to spend the time doing fun activites that the boys/girls would like and to prepare some food to share for lunch. I picked up the very excited Roger girls and droppped my boys off. Kym took a picture of her kids waiting for me... so cute!

The girls were so gorgeous. They were so excited and had made a special effort (with their mums help) to have nail polish on and even a bit of make up.

Before we got started with some girly activities, we had fun with the camera. The girls enjoyed being silly and I had so many photos to choose from! When we finished taking shots Charlotte said "Aunty we can just take photos all day then go home." She's my kind of girl!! :)
                                      You'll have to agree that Chelsea makes the funniest faces!

We got started with some cooking. We made enough mixture to fill our little love heart cake tin with enough left for a few funny looking cupcakes. Lani spilt the flour, all the girls got messy trying to clean it up with their hands, then I found them eating and licking the flour off themselves....yuck!!

While we waited for the cakes too cook, I read some stories. These shots make me laugh as this is exactly what happens every reading time at our place. The kids start out on the floor, they like to mimic the classroom. As I read, they get closer...

...and closer!

Then we started on our craft activity - making pom poms! It involved lots of cardboard...

...and lots of wool.

It took a while to get the cardboard circles covered...

...and when they were, the girls had no idea how their woolen circle was going to become a pom pom!


It was nearly time to meet back up with the boys and have a late lunch so we quickly iced our cake and made some savory skewers.

The girls kept reminding me throughout the morning that I hadn't been 'made up' yet and we couldn't go for lunch until I had my make up and nail polish on. I looked so beautiful, must have been why people were staring :)

When we did arrive at Kyms, the boys were playing donkey kong (part of their boy activities) Thanks to Kymbo for taking some photos for the blog.

They had also made robots out of recycable containers.

Kym taught all the boys some awesome ninja moves from back in her karate days.

They also had a blast playing stacks on and making milkshakes for lunch.

Something went wrong when I transferred the photos from my camera to the computer and I lost ALL the photos I took at Kyms house - lunchtime with all the kids and Job, and the cool shots of Kym and the boys wrestling.......such a shame. I had some really funny shots of Benny squashing Kym - and Kym squashing Benny! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

We had a great day, its one we'll have to do every holidays.


The Kings said...

oh wow - that is such a cool idea!! I bet the kids will never ever forget that and say 'remember when?...' as they get older. You guys are awesome! Fantastic pics !

Nettie's Blog said...

oh i want to be a kids again in the Rand Tai family...please!!!!

Kym Rogers said...

I love it Leona, it was good to see exactly what the girls got up to at your house, i only wish i went crazy with the camera and took more photos, i was having so much fun with the boys i kept forgetting to snap away.

Toni said...

days like that and I wish more than ever I was there to join in. looks like you all had such fun. Love the shots of you trying to read to the girls, so gorgeous how they all end up on your lap.
Big hugs and kisses for everyone.