Thursday, June 16, 2011

Morning workout update

Mariah, Kym and I have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of Belindas company this last 2 weeks of school holidays. Its been so much fun, she brings lots of laughter to the morning. I especially love having someone I can partner up with who is more my................bone structure?! haha - and ability. I felt bad for Mariah this morning though as she planned an excellent work out and we goofed around a bit too much.

                                                    *We're sorry Mariah, we love you!*

Here's some photos of this mornings exercises. Its the third time we've had this workout. Kym and I really enjoyed it when Mariah did it for us so she repeated it for Belinda. There are a few stations, 6 I think in total today and after we've completed each one, we receive a clue. At the end of the workout, we put the clues together to figure out a mystery statement. The first mornings answer was "We are awesome." The second time she did it was "We are very pretty." This mornings message was "We are Warriors!" She is so creative and so honest :)

So here we are early this morning:

Kym and Mariah holding the plank for 60 seconds
 As is that wasn't bad enough, there was the side plank too.

Belindas game face. She was a pro at this one..

                                      Ninjas!  This one is a tiny bit scary ;)

One of Kyms favourite ways to run - like a prancing horse....seriously

                                    Sometimes I can't believe we're related...

This was a funny exercise (when Belinda and I did it)

Serious stuff

Kym and Belinda solved the riddle and discovered they were Warriors!!

It wouldn't be a proper workout blog without a group photo

....and a crazy group photo..

We are awesome, very pretty Warriors!!!

(not sure about the 'pretty' after that photo....maybe just Awesome Warriors!!)