Thursday, June 9, 2011


Job, JJ and I were in the middle of a game of killer bunnies this afternoon when I noticed the Terrys car pull up in the driveway. Its always nice to get an unexpected visit from friends, so I called out to the kids and told Job to come out with me and see them. Well, the rest of the family were a little slow on the uptake so I went to the fence to greet them by myself. Sam, the leader of the Terrible Terrys (now calling themselves the Thoughful Terrys - see their version of the day here) told me that they had a present for us. Awesome! Love presents :) Then I noticed an eski on the ground in front of them. I wondered if maybe they had been fishing and brought us back a big fish for dinner.......

...but then I remembered Sams' status update on facebook about going to the snow. It took a second to put two and two together. I screamed and ran as fast as I could in my 'one size too big' slippers back toward the house. In my peripheral vision I saw a snowball hurtle past my head. I got inside and told the rest of the family the Terrys had a present for them, then I grabbed the camera.

The boys ran outside first...

                                                           They had a look in the eski...

                                                            Then it was game on!

                  Notice the guy hiding behind the screen in the bottom left photo? Sam went after him...

But he relocated to another safe spot....that's him peeping out of the kitchen window near Bennys head.

                                                         Benny nearly had a good idea..

JJ hit Sam in the head at close range and managed to lodge a small snowball in his ear.

    Job armed himself with his Jamaican beanie,came out onto the battlefield and offered up the perfect target.

He obviously forgot the rule that the photograher is granted immunity and hit me right in the head with a flying snowball - you can see it in the air, it looks like a piece of snow on the house behind him.

Go Mariah!

Milly had lots of fun with the snow, I doubt she could feel her hands much.

                                 Once we'd used up all the snow, it was time to socialise and play.

             I knew when I saw the girls playing with the Umbrella that it was a good photo oppotunity.

Aren't they cute??!

Thanks for the 'thoughfulness' guys. Lots of fun :)


The Kings said...

awesome! What good friends! LOVE the collages :)

Sam and Mariah said...

Great FUN!... Can't wait for a trip to the snow... ENDLESS SUPPLY OF AMMUNITION!!!!