Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scaredy cats

My kids are so funny sometimes. They often watch movies that scare them. They love and hate them at the same time. Today they watched Coraline. My kids have loved it ever since they're cousins in Sydney introduced it to them. They hid under the blankets at times and called out saying they were scared. They don't want us to turn it off but they get the heebie jeebies watching it. A couple of weeks ago I took a photo of them as they do the same thing watching scooby doo. The girls usually want me to sit with them so they can snuggle in. We were watching it together then I had to get up to get something. I turned around and I saw this...

                            Coraline and Animated Scooby doo is as scary as it gets at our place.

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The Kings said...

ha ha! Love their faces - great shot to capture :)