Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playing around

Family and friends who read this blog will most probably know that I love taking photos. I have always loved taking photos. My parents bought me my first camera when I was 14. They thought they were funny as I unwrapped a dodgey plastic toy camera and tried my best to act excited and thank them. After they finished laughing, they gave me the real camera. A simple point and shoot one that I loved. Much of my teenage memories I have stored in albums from that camera. It died around 9 years later. I always wanted to get a good camera one day. I've always been the sort of person that thinks "that would make a nice photo" Up until we got ours just over a year ago, I tried burning memories of my kids faces into my head...didn't work too well. Job and I were both excited to be able to buy one when we sold our house in Melbourne. Now whenever I think "that would make a nice photo" I don't have to try and burn the memory into my brain anymore. I love playing around with the camera any chance I can. Life is very busy so I don't have as much time as I would like, but I take small moments wherever they come.
Recently a friend asked me to take engagement and wedding photos for her. I freaked out, then said yes. I am really excited for the opportunity. Having a real photoshoot to do is encouraging me to actually learn how to use the camera properly. I would love to explore photography all day everyday......but my family would starve..and stink.....   Plus I know my music is what I should be doing - I think my camera may be too much of a distraction.
Anyway! A few weeks ago I thought I'd have a play around, taking photos inside the house, trying to use whatever natural light I could find. Our dining area has a big window next to it that lets in lots of light so I asked the kids to come over and pose for me so I could learn. You may recognise this collage of JJ, I posted it on facebook weeks ago. He is so funny. I asked him to stand in front of the wall while I fiddled around with the camera. I love taking shots of him as he is so natural and such a clown. He makes himself laugh...

I made a collage of each of my cute kids. I have experimented with different editing effects for each one, trying to capture their personalities. Here's my Ben:


and Sisi..

I'm so glad I married Job, if nothing else he gave me beautiful children :) Unfortunately I can't take any credit as they all look like him! My gorgeous babies xx


Sam and Mariah said...

Benny is one funny guy!

The Kings said...

Your kids are sooooo cute Leona! Time for another one I think! :)

Kelly said...

Awesome photos Leona! Your kids are gorgeous. You have a talent and an eye for photography. Maybe you can do BOTH music and photography!