Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday was a good day..

...it was the day that Job finished his last assignment for Uni!!!!!!



I'm so glad - I may even be more glad than he is.

He needed to do a presentation at 10am that morning over the computer speaker...thingy...not sure how it works, but sort of like skype? Anyway, the kids and I were not allowed to be in the house. I guess he didn't think the noisy playing, yelling and screaming would help his cause? So we had to disappear for an hour.
I decided to take the kids to Bunnings. Always fun going there, especially on Saturday when they have kids craft and face painting.

JJ was aparently too cool to have his face painted. He didn't even want to take ownership of the heart frame he was decorating. He said he was doing it for Benny :)

Benny and Lani enjoyed the crafts too...

...and no one thought I was weird for taking photos in the middle of Bunnings! (ok, except maybe my kids)

We succeeded in wastuing an hour there. Job called me on the mobile and sounded elated that it was done. Yipee!! We all rejoiced, him at home and us in the Bunnings car park. The kids and I walked past the sausage sizzle stand on the way back to the car. We were all dribbling by the time we drove away and so decided to go past woolies and pick up some sausages for a celebratory lunch. We got home to find dad enjoying his new found freedom:

I was happy for him to enjoy it as much as he wanted to!! And he did - he hung out the washing, washed down some windows, swept the floor, brought in some wood and cleared our bookshelf! I know ladies.....I am spoilt!! I also got lots of hugs. Job is a very cuddly person who unfortunatley for him, married a cold fish! Haha, I do love him, I'm just not as cuddly :) He hugs even more when he's stressed, relieved or excited - come to think of it, he just hugs all the time.

So after all the hugging, we got to eating - yum!! Sausages and Mars Bars - best lunch ever. 

a few words from the happy chappy:

So now its a waiting game. Job checks the uni website frequently to see if his final marks have come through. He's passed everything so far, we're just waiting on the last two results.

After lunch it was playtime!

It was nice to see Job being able to play with the kids without the burden of school work. He's gone from grumpy daddy to fun daddy ;) Stacks on!!

Daddy was beaten up, squished and ridden on....

...while mum got more hugs and kisses :)

Around about this time, the Rogers called and invited the kids over to their house to watch the new kids movie Yogie Bear. We timed it so Sisi was alseep at the same time. Bliss! It was just the two of us...very romantic!! Except that it wasn't since we ended up cleaning as much of the house as we could while the kids were gone. Job was on a role and I wasn't about to stop him!
We finally picked up the kiddies when I realised we were running out of precious day light. I had been planning on taking some photos of Job for the last few days - I even had him grow his facial hair (he looks ruggard and sexy with it!) It was Saturday.. late afternoon, the sun was soon setting and I knew if I didn't get the shot, he would shave it for church the next morning and I'd have to wait for the next sunny afternoon when he had some prickles! We were delayed at the Rogers on account of Lani and Chelsea disappearing to the neighbours for a play in their backyard - unbeknown to us - and them! So, we finally had everyone in the car and I started hyperventilating as I watched the light quickly fade..  We got to the river (where we usually go to take the dog for a walk) and the sun wasn't shinning there. I got Job to drive accross the bridge (on the way to Hobart) where there was still some light. He thought I was just ridiculous while I was frantically saying "Stand here" "No...here" "Maybe there.."  It was fun. I love taking photos of my family and Job is so easy because we both get the giggles. Its hard to take clear photos thought when you're laughing. Anyway....here they are..


If you're wondering what he's laughing at....have a look..

This is MY fav. What a handsome spunk!

So we let the monkeys out and they ran over for photos. I just kept snapping away. I love these photos. (Poor Sisi was still stuck in her car seat, haha)

So once they all got sick of me taking shots, we headed back to the river. The kids did what they do best - splashing eachother with water when its freezing cold....crazy kids!

I asked the kids to stand under the bridge for some photos and was suprised when they all stood there looking.....normal (minus the face paint of course) Usually Benny isn't interested in amusing me for photos. 

This time it was Sisi's turn..

Guess the photoshoot is over then..?!

Kids, Job and big boy fed the ducks
 I decided it was time to go when I couldn't stop my teeth from chattering. I think I was cold just wacthing the kids. They were also getting way too close to the water. They're used to jumping around on the rocks but since its been raining heavily lately, the river is up and there's a strong current. I could just see one of them slipping and knew I would be the one going in after them - - and I was way too cold for that, so it was hometime!

By the time we got the kids and dog in the car, the sun really did set and I was glad I had the camera on my lap. This is what it looked like driving home.
 The front of our house.
 When we got home, I had a cute little assistant help me make dinner - homemade chicken nuggets and chips. I heard him tell Job he is going to make nuggets and chips for his missionary companion :)

I am proud of my honey for getting through all the late nights and long days with his study. I'm even happier that now I get the computer back to blog and go on facebook, lol :) 


Sam and Mariah said...

WOW that was a huge blog. Mariah and I read it together and laughed about the hugs.. I am sure Mariah will tell you why.

Job sure did look happier! Well done "Mr Tai"

The Kings said...

Awesome, awesome photos Leona!!! Must be the 'new' lens! ;) :) I'm so happy for you that Uni is over for a bit. I know how that feels. Aaron and I are exactly the same- he always wants cuddled too. Me...not so much :)

Nettie's Blog said...

man you are an inspiration ..... just love your blogs... i am thinking of giving up mine ....just too much effort lately!!!!!
perhAps i will take up bowls ...i can cross that off the 'bucket list" then...he he

Chelsea Parsons said...

I would say the light in those pics is freaking awesome! They look great! WEll done!