Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snow in all the wrong places!

Since Monday was a public holiday, we thought it would be fun to go to the snow. The Rogers, two lots of Terrys and the Tais headed out to Ben Lomond at 9.45am. I couldn't help but wonder how much colder it would be at the snow since it was freezing inside the house! I took pictures of the kids getting ready, they are watching their own breath in Lani's bedroom.

We met at the 'Perth Terrys' and headed out. All we could see was fog. 

Mum called while we were on the way. I was talking to her on the phone while winding my window down and taking shots. One minute after I took the above photo, the atmosphere changed to this:

Tassie is funny like that. Sometimes we think its a freezing, foggy day and then we drive out of Perth and its beautiful and Sunny! You can drive through frost, fog and sun all in the one short trip.
Here's an example: See the clump of fog....imagine living in that? You'd think it was cold all over.

We headed up the mountain and the kids started squealing with delight when they saw the snow on the sides of the road.

We settlled on a spot a little way up since we were all too cheap to pay park fees and go higher up the mountain. Poor Sam had to help us less experienced snow trekers to get our cars up the hill.

Eventually we all pulled into the carpark and finished putting our gear on.

As soon as we got there, Sam found a spot in the bush to launch snow grenades. The kids kept him out of trouble for a little while...

Kym discovered that she really should have gone to the toilet before she left home ;)

                                         Kym and the kids had some fun on the toboggens..

We decided previously that the snowball fight would be boys against girls - or mums against dads....but when we got there, it was every man (and woman) for themselves!  - Check out the shot in the middle, Sams feet aren't even touching the ground! Slam Dunk.

We all had a few cracks at Sam, but usually wound up copping double back. Kym is very brave, especially carrying that boulder.

See the big one in the air? That's Job trying to lend a hand to Kym......from 10m away. So brave honey. I think he actually lent a hand to Sam as Sam picked it up and broke it over Kyms head!

                                At least Kymbo wore him down a bit, his tongue is hanging out :)

Job took the camera for a little while so I could have a play. He took videos rather then snapshots (grrrrr :)) I told him it would have been nice if he had have kept the video still ;)

Husband and wife chase - poor Belinda got it down the pants - I feel your pain!

Ben got his own back. He didn't get any special treatment because he was carrying a baby.

Belinda proved that she could be sneaky too and poor Mariah got some snow down her jacket twice in a row - one extra time for the camera.

    We noticed that we hadn't seen Joe for a while. We found him making a snowman with some of the kids

The snowman needed some protection from a couple of children who liked his nose.

We collectively decided (so I thought) to take Joe out. You can't really see it on the video, but I ended up getting way more snow than I bargained for - up my back and down my pants!!
Poor Sisi, she didn't know what to make of my screaming and got a bit upset whenever I did it - which was all the time. We didn't know it at the time, but she was probably feeling sick as she presently has croup.

Here's a frame by frame of my naughty husband, throwing snow while I was yelling "The Camera!!!"

My favourite part of the day was when I chased him up the hill, hung onto his leg to trip him up, jumped on top of him, rolled him onto his stomach and shoved handfuls of snow down his pants. He is stronger than I am so the only way I can pin him down is to make him laugh - which is really easy. It was so funny. He got me back by lying on top of me until I couldn't breath. No cameras, no people..... just us in a heap laughing - then Sisi came up the hill crying!

The kids were all so well behaved (as far as I could tell)

I loved taking photos of little Lucy, she was so cute sitting happily on her toboggan for a lot of the time.

I had to play with ONE photo!

Ben and his kids made a snowman too.


The kids had spent their time collecting and making a mound of snow inside a dead tree at the top of the hill. So after lunch it was a snowball fight for the kiddies. I headed towards the firing snowballs followed closely by Kymbo. Thanks to Mariah for getting some shots for me.

Ben the thrill seeker!

Belinda on a good day.

Sam couldn't resist throwing a few last snowballs. He was forever hiding in the bushes.

Spot the Terry

Just before we left for the day, Kymbo thought it would be nice for the four of us to have a photo together. Job took the first shot for us, then I saw Ben throw a snowball!

Those Terry boys think they're funny. Here's how it played out. Job just kept snapping away.

Rogers + Tais + Terrys x 2 = Way too much fun!!


Sam and Mariah said...

That was fantastic Leona. It was just as much fun looking back at the day.. After the lunch photo, I thought "Ohh no she missed the one of Bin and her face pulling." Then there it was.. They are all great photos love some of the action shots. I will be viewing this blog again for sure. Great work!

Sam and Mariah said...

Fantastic! Loved looking at it and I know my family will too. Thank you for all your hard work putting it together! Mariah

The Kings said...

Wow that was a mammoth post! :) What a fun day. LOVE Kym's toilet shot and Belinda is going to kill you for one of them. LOVE the shot you played with and also the collages of you four girls getting 'got' :) We went to the Lakes on Monday and drove through Perth and Longford at 1 pm and couldn't believe how foggy it was as Launnie was sunny. I hope it's not like that for you all winter.

Ria said...

I think I had just as much fun looking at all the pics