Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boys are disgusting!

They look pretty cute here right?

This morning I came back from my morning workout with the girls to find the both of them in the loungeroom, roaring with laughter as they each took turns burping and fluffing. Benny was completely in awe of JJs ability to break wind on demand. Benny can burp consistently for as long as he likes so the combination of the both of them is just ......gross!!! I told them they were disgusting and those things should be done in the toilet - so they ran off there to practice. I started making breakfast and burned the toast. It set of the smoke alarm. The boys came running out and I told them they had fluffed so much they set off the alarm. They were so proud!! Then their dad came out........actually I better not go there, will get in big trouble ;)

What is it with boys?? Are they all born like this?? My only wish is that they don't contaminate my sweet little Lani.



Sam and Mariah said...

Mariah sets ours off all the time.

Nettie's Blog said...

Oh my goodness that is so gross...i am so glad we have all girls ...(perhaps Arliss{our only little boy} will be less of a gross boy with all the irls around... {fingers crossed})..but i have to admit i loved your "little white lie" about setting off the fire alarm...i thought i heard them laughing about their prowess from here....Ha ha!!!

leetai said...

Hahahaha, Sam!!!!

I would believe its possible for you to hear them nettie, they are so loud!