Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Piano and dancing kids

Another wet, rainy and freezing day. What better time to play and dance?!

When I studied for my last piano exam (which I think was around 3-4 years ago!) I found it pretty difficult to get the 2-3 hours rehearsal time into each day. I practiced at night and during the day sometimes when the kids were alseep. Othertimes the only way I could get some practice in was to play musical statues or dancing games with the kids. They would have a ball dancing around to my music and had no idea that I was actually practicing.

Today Benny asked me to play Charlottes song, took me a bit to understand he was talking about chopsticks. The boys started dancing around like nuts. I told Job to get the camera out. Benny pooped himself out by the time Job got to filming them. I am watching them in the reflection of the piano. JJ and I were laughing when we watched it back on the computer as we thought Sisi hit him in the head with the sword but he actually hit himself in the head with his hand. Dag.

Then Lani did her little dance. Years ago she loved to dance to 'Rondo Alla Turca' by Mozart (you'll know it when you hear it) I could only remember the first page (sort of) without the music.......been a long time.

Music and play often happen simultaneously here at home. I keep meaning to teach the kids more seriously but we usually end up playing around. If they love a particular song, I'll simplify it for them so they can learn it themselves. I need to move onto proper structured lessons I think - at least for SOME of the time!

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