Monday, July 4, 2011

A BIG Puddle..

A little while ago we had some heavy rain - much like we do at the moment. Some of the water formed a nice big sloshy puddle. A nice big sloshy puddle that was minding its own business, not harming anyone..
                                          Nice big sloshy puddles aren't meant to be left alone.
 In case you're wondering, it was freezing that afternoon!!! I still remember my teeth chattering as I tried to hold the camera still. Apologies to anyone who likes photos 'al natural', but this is my blog, and sometimes I feel like being creative :)

Chelsea found a floating shoe

                                                    While Lani cooled down her bottom

Chelsea traded her gumboots in for some heavy duty ones

This little man was very brave, frequently standing in the line of fire (see 4th photo from the top)

Unfortunately Joe (jnr) couldn't play as he was sick that day :(

Pippy Longstocking!

Benny enjoyed 'accidently' tripping over

and JJ was too fast for me. I could barely get a shot of him as he zoomed past!

Because of all the rain, hundreds of worms had popped up to the surface. I have lots of worm photos - but I figured one is enough :)

After a (long) while Sisi finally ventured into the shallows..
                                                    She wouldn't go near the deep end!
Haha, just kidding - Charlotte is on her knees :)

Once they'd all had a dip and a good play with the worms, the big kids played their usual games.
JJ got Charlotte...

...and Charlotte got JJ 

When I look at these photos of JJ and Charlotte, I remember when Kym and I were young and we each agreed that when we got married and had kids, we wanted them to grow up together. I think we often forget how lucky they are to have eachother. (Toni, you need to hurry up and get your butt over here)

I LOVE this photo of Chelsea trying to sneak up on JJ.... she nearly had him!
                                                                   Benny has a go..

then gets Charlotte to give him a hand. I'm not sure what's going on here......JJ looks like he's trying to talk them down while Benny is about to throw a punch..... then some sort of strategy? .....or they could be doing the haka??!!

Kids enjoy simple pleasures - (even when its freezing cold) and I enjoy the simple pleasure of watching them.


Sam and Mariah said...

Beautiful photos Leona. Love the ones at the beginning as they were splashing in the puddles. Thanks for sharing.

The Kings said...

Awesome!! That is so fun. The kids are going to have such awesome memories of growing up with their cousins.

Chelsea Parsons said...

love love love...

Nettie's Blog said...

as a geriatric ...that would never be me...IN THE WINTER...but bring on the summer and that puddle an i would be in there with them...
i LOVE seeing kids do those things.. great pics.

Toni said...

love these shots Lug, you and Torts should have jumped in with them... I look at these photos and feel sad for my kiddies, they would soo love to be apart of it all, keep putting up blogs like this and we'll b there before u know it.

Belinda said...

That's an awesome blog Leona. I need to do more of that with my own kids. I would love to have my sisters living by me.