Monday, July 4, 2011

Boys and Guns

This is a post that Benny will visit often.

Sam took Job out for some male bonding time :) I think that's what its called. They went shooting (targets, not animals thank goodness) I told them to take the camera with them and was pleasantly suprised when they returned with 200 shots taken. Good job boys!

Now I asked them both for some details so I would have something to write about but neither of them came up with much at all - except for who won ;)

??!!  - Tell you at the end

So here's the spot:
Job wanted me to put that shot in so you can see the distance form the car to the mound. Their targets were 50m away.

Sam being a pyromaniac. Pouring some flamable liquid into the tin...

                                                              So Job could do this:

Voila! (don't try this at home)

The Target

Well done to my honey who got these shots of Sam and the target. I am impressed :)

My hunky spunk (pull your pants up honey)

That looks pretty accurate to me! - Especially from 50m away

                                                              Wouldn't like to be this tin
                 I had to include this one as Job went to all the trouble to get the sun gleam through the hole.

                                                               Can you tell who won yet??

Yes it was my honey. Sam is trying to hide the evidence, but we can see.

Thanks to Sam for taking my hubby out for some fun. I was glad to see him home in one piece - especially after looking at photos like this:

Benny loved looking through all the pictures. He wouldn't go to sleep until he had made sure I printed some off for him to take to show and tell the next day. They boys also brought him back some shell casings. He has the shells, the photos and he score sheets all in his room.

A couple of shots of the hot winner:

And finally, here's a video Sam put together. I think its should be titled things that go 'boom!'


Sam and Mariah said...

I think the shirt says it all "It's all good when you're the BIG DUDE"

Had to let Job win so he would come again. I doubt that he would let me win at tennis though.

The Kings said...

I'm SUPER impressed Job that you took the camera AND took such awesome photos - that is true love for you Leona :) He deserves more cuddles for that one! :)