Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At the river.

I know what you're thinking........again?!?! right?!

Yes, we were at the river again this afternoon.
I thought Lani looked cute in her op shop outfit so I grabbed the camera as we walked out the door.

Today we went to the river to: a) take the dog for a walk, and b) feed the ducks our 'stale-about to go mouldy' bread. We save our crusts throughout the week and lets just say, we've had a lot of crusts! We had so much bread that the ducks couldn't get through it all. We'll have to go back tomorrow.

So even though I haven't blogged about 'Time out for women' yet, I wanted to have a play with these photos of Lani because she looks so dang cute! I'm not meant to be playing around with photos.....

....maybe I'll start not playing around with them tomorrow.

I LOVE taking photos of Lani. Unlike me, she is very girly. She's sweet and cute and everything a little girl should be. Don't get me wrong, she does have a feisty side, a VERY feisty side. Job will swear she gets it from me, but I keep reminding him that she is very much like her Aunty Toni (who is also very feisty!)

 I love her cute poses.

                      These ones are my favourites. Taken as she twirls around and jumps over rocks.

   I asked all the kids to stand together for a 'quick' photo. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to get a decent photo of the four of them - well it is!! I only have one photo of the kids that sort of looks okay and its the day that three of them had face paint on!

       Attempt 1.
      Attempt 2.
      Attempt 3.
                                   Attempt 4. Benny has enough and decides to go for a wander
                               Attempt 5. Benny comes back, Lani blinks!
                     Attempt 6. Lani blinks again.
                        Attempt 7. Benny blinks!
                     Attempt 8. and JJ is over it!
    Then the kids hug eachother for a photo but JJ gets knocked to the ground. Once he gets back up, he's not in the mood for anymore photos. The others try and cheer him up but it doesn't work.

                                    Hmmmmm, I'm sure I'll get a good shot of my children ONE day.

                                                          Meanwhile, I have Hotlips :)
                                                                  Notice his hands?
                                               He's clenching his fists together to flex his biceps.
                                   He laughed when I told him I could see what he was doing!
                                                         Hee hee hee....hot stuff right there :)

We missed our Family Home Evening last night and thought it might be nice to have it down at the river. After the prayer, some songs and testimonies, hot lips-I mean, Job, gave the kids a lesson. He has to give a talk on Sunday at church, so he practiced on the kids. I just love how they're all paying attention, lol.

   I love this quote that my friend Bronwen had up on her facebook wall:

'A wise parent would never miss a chance to gather children together to learn of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Such moments are so rare in comparison with the efforts of the enemy. For every hour the power of doctrine is introduced into a child's life, there may be hundreds of hours of messages and images denying or ignoring the saving truths.'.  -Henry B. Eyring

                                               I will be trying harder to make every moment count.


The Kings said...

hahahaha!!! This made me laugh big time. I REALLY think photography IS your calling too - you can have two callings :) I'm more than happy to take some family photos for you sometime - can't guarantee I'll get the kids all looking at once, or they will turn out okay, but at least you will all be in the photos together :)

Sam and Mariah said...

Job does look like he is losing weight!! The 'Task Master' must be working him too hard. In the second photo I thought he was pretending to be Wolverine! Beautiful photos of the kids. Love the quote. Thanks for sharing.

Chelsea Parsons said...

this is awesome!

Nettie's Blog said...

i dont think i will be able to ever call Job ..Job again ..hea ha..i might break out and call him Hotlips to his face ...
Love the pics of the kids..who cares if they are not all looking at once ..i love sequence shot the best....

Family Taiz said...

LOL@the kids paying attention to Job when he's practising his talk. My kids have a similar reaction when we practise our lessons on them.. lol....

Great blog, sis!! Love the photos!!

And I think Lani's outfit is super cute:) Can't show my kids this blog, or they'll be nagging me to go shopping for clothes;)

Ofa atu!

Toni said...

feisty, who me? couldnt b, I'm loving these posts Lug, such a nice way to keep in touch with all thats going on there in Tassie. Miss you guys