Saturday, July 16, 2011

Westbury Maze

Ok, so this blog is only ONE week late!

Job and I wanted to take the Terrys somewhere fun as a way of saying thank you for supplying us with so much wood over the last couple of freezing months. Wood is so expensive to buy and so having friends who are able to help us get some for free is such a huge blessing.

You know when you have a friend who doesn't ask if you need help...they see a need and fulfil it without asking? Well the Terrys go one step further - They ask, we say NO!! And then they do it anyway :)

Trying to think of somewhere to take a family who has been all over Tassie was a bit tricky. Then we remembered they mentioned they had never been to Westbury Maze. Perfect!

We were lucky it didn't rain like it had earlier in the week, it was still pretty cold however! It's very cold this winter! Last winter was our first one in Tassie and it wasn't that cold at all, in fact I remember lots of warm days. This winter was a bit of a shock! Its still beautiful here, I still love it, but its flippin' freezing!

We got to Westbury Maze just after lunchtime. We figured it best to run through the maze first and then eat. There was no way the kids would sit still to eat first. We were going to have a bit of a race and I was going to take a photo of everyone outside of the maze but Sam cheated and took off first - with most of the kids. Mariah and I figured we'd better catch up and Job had to wait for a few minutes and give the rest of us a head start. Job is REALLY good with mazes unlike me, I am dreadful. For someone who loves puzzles so much it doesn't really make sense that I have such a lousy sense of direction - and then for someone who is useless at puzzles, he is great navigating mazes and remembering which direction to go when we are driving.
I have been to this maze 4 times and I still get lost each time. I have never made it out on my own. Last time I came with my friend Kristy....

We eventually made it to the middle but got stuck trying to get out. The kids came to our rescue which is just as well as she had a flight to catch straight after and we were getting worried she'd miss it!

The time before that was when Kym and I brought our younger sister Toni for trip..there is a very embarrassing picture Kym took of me with my bottom up in the air trying to crawl under one of the hedges as I got stuck trying to get out. Obviously I'm not sticking here!!

And before that was the first time that we'd been as a family and it was with John and Lois (Job's brother and his wife) they're kiddies and Job's parents. Jobs says he got to the platform first, lol - wonder if you remember it that way Sis???!

Job also went to the maze on a school excursion.

So back to the present...because of his mad skills, Job held back for a bit and let the rest of us go in first. Because of my mad skills at getting lost, I went in after Mariah. Like all other years, I got lost and Job came and found me.

                                                                      So that was then..

and this is now:

Must be a dad thing :)

So....back to the beginning. We headed into the maze.

Mariah and I went our seperate ways following our children. Job caught up to me and led me into the platform in the middle. The kids were already there (they cheat though - everytime!) We encouraged Mariah with our voices and she found us in no time...

This is us on the platform. I am asking Job to pass me the camera as I can see little millys head bobbing up and down over the top of the hedges. Check out Lanis paper. She drew herself a map in the morning (with a bit of help from mum:) to bring with her so she wouldn't get lost in the maze. 

Here was the view from where we were standing:

The Terrible Terrys

The Terrific Tais (some of us)

Time to head back out to the entrance and have our picnic! It was also time for me to get lost...

After what felt like 15mins of walking around in circles, my honey came back in and rescued Sisi and me. It was Sams fault I got lost in the first place as he took off with Sisi and I had to chase her to make sure she didn't get lost.....I know, ironic.....or moronic?  anyway!

Here's us stuffing ourselves with bread rolls, chicken, ham, cheese, salad, grapes, watermelon and biscuits.


              After lunch I asked the kids to run back into the maze so I could  get some photos of them.

I really like this one of Hanisi..

Sam also snuck into the maze to scare the kids..


Here's the funny face of the day. Not sure what's going on but it looks like Sam really doesn't want a hug??!
or maybe he's being strangled?!

or maybe Lani did a fluff??!

So......a drive to Westbury wouldn't be complete without a trip to Andys - even on a cold day. We all got ice cream except for Job who got a pie (a hot pie on a cold day. what was he thinking?!)

Here's the little ones..

When the girl making the ice creams passed Sisi's to me, I wasn't sure she was going to be able to get her mouth around it...

...she proved me wrong - look at that tongue!

Going inside was definitely a good idea!! brrrrrr..
Don't ask me what Job's doing with the jumper around his head..

Fun Fun Fun!

Once the ice creams were finished it was all over - time to go home.

Much to the disappointment of Hanisi

Oh, and on the way home we pulled over so I coudl take some photos of some sheep. No its not the New Zealander in me (smarty pants who thought it) I just loved the different textures in these shots.

I feel sorry for the sheep though - it doesn't look very comfortable. Where are they supposed to lay down?!

                                                      Thanks Terrys for another fun day :)


Nettie's Blog said...

great shots again Leonah... those poor sheep dont have much to chew on though...after seeing your bountious picnic.

Sam and Mariah said...

Thanks Tais for a fun day. Despite the FREEZING COLD DAY, we had a ball. It was so much fun to loose fining the middle, however not the last out... I guess that was easy... I just followed my nose to the Yummy lunch that has been prepared.
** I think Lani was trying to kiss me on the cheek.

The Kings said...

What great friends the Terry's are! It's lovely you paid them back with such a fun day. You will have to go to Tasmazia sometime - that is soooo fun with lots of different mazes - some tricky and some easy :) The kids would love it. I love the pics of JJ looking through the branches, and the sheep too. We would be so shocking on a road trip together! I also have to pull over all the time to take photos of different things! Aaron hates it! :)

Family Taiz said...

Great pics, sis!! These blogs are awesome!! I love your pics of the sheep too:)

And please correct Job about the maze. I so kicked him and got to the platform first! I miss him! Of all his brothers, Job loves my jokes the most!

Have a great week, sis!