Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blankets, more than just warming.

This is what I see the mornings I try and make our bed. (I don't make the bed every day)  !! gasp, shock... horror??!! It's okay, we're still alive and healthy.

She loves to crawl in between the blankets while I'm trying to make the bed. I fluff up the blanket high above her head and let it fall back down on her. This game goes on for as long as my arms can stand it! Its a good workout actually, making the bed over and over again :)  One day I wont have a cute little brown curly haired bundle getting in my way. How Sad...

Sometimes Lani complains when she is making her bed saying "Mum, I can't get the lumps!" She brings it out for me to fix - which is just a case of shaking the doona evenly through the doona cover. Whenever I straighten up a blanket, all the kids come running and either jump on top or run underneath. Sometimes if I am extra busy, I fix the blankets in secret (its almost like hiding a chocolate bar) So I was fixing up Lanis doona a couple of days ago when the three big kids found me. We had a good game going on, so I got Job to take over for me so I could grab the camera. Thanks for amusing us Honey!

                                       Life is beautifully simple when you see it through a childs eyes.


The Kings said...

Love it! It's great to remember all these 'little' things. Love the movement in the shots.

Nettie's Blog said...

lani looks like Charlotte in the last pic... i thought it was her till i had a good look... we love that game too but bouncing on the bed whilst doing it..(good job we dont have chandelaires in there)...he he