Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Scooter!

The kids have been saving their allowance for while now. We asked them if they'd like to buy something from the K mart toy sale (which was meant to end yesterday but has been extended for another week)
We just recently added Sisi into the budget to receive allowance too. The kids spent days dreaming and wishing over the catalogue. Sisi was really excited to get a scooter. This is the one she has been riding since she could walk. It's JJ's old one from when he was a toddler.

The photo doesn't really show how decrepit it really is. Our neighbour in Melbourne pimped Sisi's ride when he added the two big wheels on the back. We actually left it out for a tip run on a few ocassions but it ended up making its way back into the yard. We even left it behind deliberately when we moved here to Tassie, but it still found us!!You can't really tell but the front wheel is buckled and the whole thing wobbles when Sisi rides it - It also rolls crooked so she falls off it all the time! She didn't mind though, she loved that scooter and whenever we went for a walk she would run and get her scooter. Job and I would say "Oh no..." to eachother as we knew it would be a very long walk. Every now and then we hid it in the shed. We're such mean parents :)

She was sooooooooo excited when we picked up her new $20 tinkerbell scooter on Tuesday night. She waited very patiently while I assembled it. She even got to stay up late and ride it up and down the hallway. Today she rode it outside for the first time. We went to pick up the bigs kids from school this afternoon. I made sure we left early, but we were still late as Sisi likes to stop a lot along the way!!

                                                            Everytime a truck passed...

                                                               ...she stopped to point.

She also stopped a few times to pull some tassels off.

Once we picked up the kids, she enjoyed scooting along side Benny (whenever he went slow enough for her)

And then.....she fell and hurt her finger.

She showed Benny..

...scooted up to the end of the path...

...and showed JJ.

Then we crossed the road and she found Lani.

We came around the corner and she finally cheered up when Benny started to race her..

......for a few seconds as least.

                                                            Phew! Tough afternoon :)

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Nettie's Blog said...

oh please dont throw that scooter away... all the kids will remember it forever... it is the new one deserve a little nap time Leonah...great photographs