Tuesday, July 12, 2011

He did it!

Job found out this afternoon that he passed his final exam - ever!!!

He was so funny - he rang the Uni just to check that the results were real. I got the camera and grabbed a short clip of him, but I think he was still in shock..

A couple of hours later, the Terrys turned up and popped a couple of party poppers in celebration. They also gave him a couple of blocks of chocolate (which he is holding in the photo while trying to ignore me)
Mariah is trying not to trip over all my folding behind her - and I'm just noticing how messy it is up there on top of the fridge!
Thank you Terrys and family and friends who have called and msged us to congratulate Job. I am very proud of him. He is going to be a great teacher.


The Kings said...

SUPER SUPER exciting!!!!! Congrats Job and the whole Tai family!!! Now life can really start - hope he finds work very, very soon and the money can start rolling in and he can start moaning like all the other teachers about reports and winter term and staff meetings and all those other fun things :)

Anonymous said...

Well done! Now the real hard work begins TEACHING!!!!

Sam and Mariah said...

I was right. Benny gets his moves from his Dad. Gee you guys just love to dance. Well done Job. You made it..

Family Taiz said...

Getting teary eyed reading this because I know how hard studies would have been hard on the lot of you! You guys are awesome and we're so happy for you Siope!

Keep setting a wonderful example for your brothers. They look up to you and love you heaps. Even if they dont call as often as they should (emotional constipation).

And can't wait to see ya next week Sis for TOFW!

I was hoping to be skinny by then, but I ate too much junk at HP7/II:( And been bust with choir. No time to exercise..

Ofa lahi atu!!

Toni said...

Big Conrats Siope, I'm very proud of you, youve worked hard for this and can now reep the rewards... make sure u hide that chocky from Lug. Love you heaps, well done