Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two year olds!

One of the things I love most about little ones is the way they run flat out when you chase them. Sisi falls over herself all the time when I chase her around the house. This was her and Benny tonight. The funny thing is, she's meant to be chasing him as she is the monster with the mask on. She doesn't topple over but it shows her cute little scream when she's being pursued. Don't ask me what Benny is doing?!

I also love how they always want to join in with whatever their bigger brothers and sisters are doing. Last week I got the three big kids a $2 packet of textas each. I didn't get one for Sisi because I didn't think she'd care, plus she'll draw on the walls with them. When I gave the packets out and she didn't get one, she cried. Job and I felt so sorry for her as it was one of those of those real 'I'm hurt' cries. I bought her her own packet today when we went shopping. She always wants to do what the big kids do. So cute!
I love this little video too. I took it a couple of minutes later. Sisi dressed herself up to dance with Lani and Benny. Up until a couple of weeks ago when Kym returned one of Lanis old fairy dress ups, this pink op shop dress has been her favourite thing to wear - she wears it whenever its not in the wash. Sometimes she looks really nice in her clothes (sometimes!) and then she goes and puts this pink stained dress over the top! Then she puts her pink gumboots on, she wears them most days - hot or cold. Lol, she really is adorable!


The Kings said...

Cute! I love your laugh! Makes me smile.

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