Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girls Night Out!

The three of us exercise fanatics were missing Belinda who joined our mad morning workouts during the school holidays. We decided a girls night out was the remedy!
Mariah came up with the fun idea of doing a photo rally - We would have to decipher clues to find places then take a photo as proof we were there. Sounded like fun so we all agreed and met up with Belinda at the Sth Launceston Maccas. Sam was the clever mind behind the 5 clues and to this day I am still baffled with how he managed to include such attention to detail, such as flowers.....and restaraunt aromas..brilliant!!  I haven't included every single clue in this post, but hopefully it will make SOME sense.

We read our first clue in the maccas car park:

"Your first clue is a delicious one that can have a lasting consequence if you are ordered to appear here. Pizza with the lot - tennis or basketball."

                                                 It lead us to the Supreme Court.

I LOVE this picture. From now on when I'm jogging laps, or doing hiit training on the bike or tredmill and I need to go to my happy place, it will be Belinda....pole dancing.

This is a really bad photo of Kym holding Mariahs arms while Belinda beat her up. Not sure what they were up to! Sorry but I don't know how to take pictures in the dark.

                 We figured out a way to get all four of us in the shot (without shadow arms across our faces)
                         The next clue sent us to Kains bar. (oops, was supossed to lighten this picture)

    The third one we got wrong. We went to Potters house but were meant to go somewhere with 'silt' in the  name. I'm glad we got this one wrong though, otherwise we wouldn't have been invited to the Christian concert! Belinda and I posed for this photo and while we were there a guy invited us to come back later to listen to a concert. Excellent!!    (I love Belindas' goldfish impersonation)

We sort of got lost with this clue too. We played on some exercise equipment (that part was correct)...

    .....then went and took a photo at the royal penny village (oops!)  coool lighting though huh?

                                                              Here's clue number 5:

We ended up 'phoning a friend' - Joe, to check up on the greek translation. Kym and Mariah were right. We walked through the roses to the anzac statue....

                                                ....where we read our final piece of paper.

Off to the concert...woohoo. We were a little unsure of going in but Mariah convinced us that it would be okay.

                 We followed our fearless leader into the building.......this is what it sounded like:
We couldn't make out the words......but it did have a good beat :) Mariah said we could go after the third song. Phew! We were pounced on by three lovely zealous ladies as we tried to make a get away. They invited us back to enjoy some more noise next week. Mariah got really excited, but we got her out of there before things got out of hand.

                                       Back to McDonalds for some desert and a girly chat.

Mariah even made Kym a present for her birthday this week. If you want to know what it is, you'll have to ask Mariah!

It was a great night. We had lots of laughs and lots of fun. Thank you Sam for putting the rally together for us. Next time, its the boys turn!!!


The Kings said...

That is so cool! You girls are so cute and know how to have fun :)

Sam and Mariah said...

Ha.. I still can't beleive you ended up where you did. I had a nice walk planned across the boardwalk down at the sea port. Then I found out you ended up at the Potters House. Glad you had fun. Mariah explained the gift she made... Hmmm only on a girls night out. She was so embarrassed that you put it up, and can't wait for you to join them for morning exercise again!!

Nettie's Blog said...

oh you guys do the funnest things ...i think i am going to have to join that exercise team....but i am waiting till the warmer weather ...(thats if the offer still stands for grannies ???)the old bones dont take to well to the cold and the dark...

Sim-Dim said...

Ha ha that looks like heaps of fun except I'd rather do it in summer instead of this horrible weather. ;)

Belinda said...

Hahaha Leona. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU PUT MARIAH'S GIFT ON!!! I think I'm going to have to watch my tongue from now on! We definately have to do one for the boys. With embarrasing tasks that they have to do like serinade a check-out chick in Kmart or something.