Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Burn baby burn!

Three weeks or so ago, Job decided he wanted to get back into shape. He also decided that I would be his personal trainer. mwahahahahaha!! He will probably live to regret that!

     This is a little snippet of one of his first training sessions on the dredded hill.. (taken on my phone)

I wish I knew how to transfer the videos from my phone as I have a couple of good ones from that day of him running up and down the hill with weights.

Here's another session when it was too wet to go outside. He slacked off a LOT in this workout, I had to keep giving him incentives to get his butt moving - in the form of punishments :) I told him to bench press Sisi as many times as he could in 30 seconds. He did 16 the first time and 19 the second. He wouldn't go past 19. Finally I told him if he didn't get a move on, I was getting the camera out - worked like a charm! Amazing what a little motivation can do.

We always have fun. I could easily blog every workout as they're all filled with laughter - usually at him being silly and me having to dish out consequences!! Saturday before last Saturday (I am very late with this blog) I had a lots of little incentives -5 of them!! We went to the kids school oval and worked out there. I had the kids chase him while he ran an obstcale course, laps around the oval and sprints. We had Bennys friend - Alex over for a play day so he came along and chased Job too. He's a cute kid - I couldn't resist taking a photo of his beautiful blue eyes! - I am so used to my kids dark brown eyes.

So I started Job off with a quick warm up lap of the oval..JJ pulled out a few metres in front half way round. I yelled out for Job to catch up, but he didn't quite make it!

It was so good to have JJ there to keep Job on the move. JJ had a rest while Job did a few more laps :)

Then I had the kids chase him as he completed an obstacle course 3 times through. This included tricep dips, a race to the top of the climbing frame and a couple of travels across the flying fox.

JJ tried to catch him by jumping on

                                                     Then we did some upper body work..

Upper body endurance - (with lots of facial expressions)

Burn baby!!!! (haha, I LOVE being the author of this blog!)

Then Job and the kids chased eachother around the tyres that form the perimetre of the playground - they had to be careful to step in every hole. The chase finished when the first person was caught. That person was Alex who tripped over - notice how Job barely checks to see if he's okay....and keeps running! Sad Honey.
                                                                (he really WAS okay :)

I noticed just after Alex tripped that I couldn't see Benny anywhere - he was meant to be running too - chasing JJ. Here's where I found him. Such a Ben!

After a very short break to get his breath back, we started the sprints. The goal was to do 10, 10 sec sprints as fast as possible. I put a plastic cup down as a marker after his first sprint and he had to hit the same marker each sprint - (to make sure he wasn't dropping speed) Kym and I found this very hard when we did it one morning, we didn't even complete the ten (unlike fit Mariah :) Job took it all in his stride as usual and I am so glad he gave me all the fantasic facial expressions he is so good at!! Hahaha, he loves sticking out those lips :)

JJ was awesome! He did every sprint with his dad. The other kids joined in too on many of them..
(again, check out the lips!)

Hahaha, this blog is way too much fun!

hee hee hee, ok, I'll stop.

Maybe just one more...

Hahaha, I'm going to get in lots of trouble!

Ok, moving on from Jobs nice Tongan lips :)

here's a shot of the cute kids

During their race I watched them through the view finder of my camera, snapping away. After a few seconds I couldn't see Benny anywhere. With my eye still looking through the view finder, I called out "Where's Benny?!" Sisi pointed him out to me. Trust him to be the first one to pike out!

So while I stood on the oval with the stop watch, I was entertained by a cute little girl who wanted me to chase her everywhere..

...and Benny and Alex hanging around. I don't think Alex wanted a peck on the cheek Ben!

It's nice how whenever one of the kids has a friend over, the other siblings get along with them too.


The workout finally ended with the plank. Whoever held it for the longest was allowed to give the 'loser' a chosen consequence. Guess who won??

     About 30 seconds in and Job feels the pinch. He tries to make JJ laugh but JJ just ignores him, lol!
37 seconds and it gets serious - heads down to concentrate
Job's signature yell as it gets more difficult (JJ chilling out on the side)

Pooped!! (he stayed like this for a while)
                                                              A quick chat before...

Punishment! He didn't end up doing 20 more sprints. I talked JJ  down to 50 mountain climbers. When the three of us girls do this exercise, our kness touch our arms - Job must have short legs?!

On the way out to the car, the kids were so excited to see the local magpies and hawks playing on the footy oval. Benny kept saying "Mum, its like the real thing!!"


Sam and Mariah said...

Re the lips, I did hear Job mention a number of times when talking about his exercise that he was developing a "relationship with pain." I didn't realise that it was that kind of relationship!

Good on you Job.. You would never get me at the oval on a Saturday with a football game going on next door.

Nettie's Blog said...

good job Job... those muscles are starting to show...Great News of the Graduation CONGRATULATIONS... you will be a GREAT teacher...WEll Done...all that hard work and efforts pid off.

The Kings said...

Oh man!! You are a hard personal trainer! Remind me to never be trained by you! Go Job! You'll be super buff before long :)

Family Taiz said...

Love this blog!!! Love your facials, siana!! lol.. Oh man, but see that determination in his face!! That's the TAI look!

And Leona, your photos are AWESOME!!! I particularly LOVE that first shot of Job and JJ on the ground.. Superb photography sister!!