Friday, July 15, 2011

The River

Check out this picture - isn't it trippy??!!

Is trippy even a real word?

How about this one....

Is it just me or does it look like the trees are dangling from the sky?

I love Perth the river. We go down there as a family often to walk the dog and play. We arrived there at the perfect time of day today - around 4.30pm. The kids and dog took off down the hill and I followed very slowly behind. Then I gasped (firstly because I was out of breath getting half way down the hill from the car) and secondly because the water and the trees looked so beautiful. Do you think I had the camera on me? Of course not. I had to dive back home and get it. Wonder if I'll ever learn...

         So beautiful. Today it was nice to hear Job say that he never wants to leave Tasmania.

Is it any wonder..

And just in case you are wondering. Job and I were being very responsible parents, keeping an eye on the kids......

                                                              ...from up here.
I'm sure if one of them fell in the water, Job would have made it down the hill in time to save them. Then MAYBE I would have made it down the hill in time to save HIM.

Since the recent burn baby burn! blog, I have been calling Job 'Hot Lips.' He gave me a half hearted attempt at the lips while one eye played on the phone and the other eye watched the kids.

After a while, we called the kids and dog back up to go home.
Such a beautiful spot. Whenever we come here to the river I feel grateful that we moved over.

..And this is where this blog would normally end, except that on the way to the car Sisi accidently fell into a pile of leaves. None of the kids had even noticed the leaves brushed off the side off the footpath until then.
                                You know what happens when you put leaves and kids together..

I never get tired of taking photos of children playing in the leaves.

I was able to get all these close ups because the kids kept dumping leaves on my head!

After waiting up near the car for us, it was obvious we were going to be a while. So Job came over and joined in.

I love this sequence of shots that shows Sisi's cheeky face and how much she enjoyed throwing leaves on my head - over and over and over!!

While the rest of the family was having fun, poor Benny was in a bad mood. Aparently the others took leaves from his own 'leaf creation' on the footpath. He showed me where it was and it took up pretty much all of the leaves. Job and I tried to explain that the kids had to get the leaves from somewhere. He was so upset he stuck his hand all over something prickly. We had to go to the chemist and get some medicine as we weren't sure if he was having an allergic reaction or not.

By the time we got home. I knew he was fine. It was just the itch from the plant combined with his state of grumpiness that made him appear off.
Poor Ben!



The Kings said...

Beautiful pics! Don't you hate it when you think you'll leave your camera at home, but then wish you took it - glad you went back and got it :)

Nettie's Blog said...

those shots of the river are divine Leonah... the kids are the just joking...poor Benny...have you benn to our naturopath yet????
As for the hot lips ...mmmm well!!!

Family Taiz said...

Ohhh, poor Benny!!!! Hope he's better now:)

Love the photos! Especially the 'trippy' ones. It makes me never wanna leave Tassie too... Well, if I lived there anyway. I'm in Sydney and we have to drive for miles before we find a serene place like the River. But, it makes us all the more appreciative.